Welcome to the NoteCabinet Pro homepage.

What is NoteCabinet Pro?

NoteCabinet Pro is a free (as in beer) and portable scratch pad addon for firefox.
(a portable notepad).

What does it do?

It allows you to jot down notes (information you’ve found while searching the net) in a popup window, and save them for later using cookies.

And you can access and retrieve them anytime @ the click of a button!

It also allows you to have selected and copied text read out loud (for you) via a text to speech api/javascript! Known as articulate.js Found [here] And it’s so easy to use it’s plug and play!

How do I use it?

CLICK HERE (once installed) —->

And a window like this one —-> VVV

Will appear (as a popup window)!

Paste the text to remember in the text box, click the save for later option and click the submit button called “Save”. If you want the selected text read out loud but NOT saved or changed just deselect the save for later checkbox.


Your text is now saved for later, via cookies.
For retrieval anytime!

Sounds cool, where can I get it?

to download and install NoteCabinet Pro v1.0

It’s 100% free!
N:B> We do not log, nor save data used in NoteCabinet Pro.

And it’s completely virus/malware free according to VirusTotal.com!